IcMD LifeSmart

In partnership, IcMD and LifeSmart strive to build upon the strengths and vision of both organizations. Our mission is to build long-term partnerships with First Nations communities and their members, while increasing access and quality of physician, pharmacy and supportive healthcare services. We firmly believe in sovereignty and empowerment of First Nations communities and we are dedicated to supporting and contributing to their healthcare and service needs. We offer free delivery to both residents in the community and the urban population.



IcMD LifeSmart 

1880 Ellice Ave
Winnipeg, MB, R3H 0B9

Pharmacy Contact
Phone: 204.410.0007
Fax: 204.832-4263
Email: lifesmarticmd@gmail.com

Pharmacy Hours
Monday - Friday: 8:30AM - 4:30PM
Saturday: Closed
Sunday:  Closed


Family Medicine and Walk-In Contact
Phone: Coming Soon!
Email: support@lifesmarthealth.ca

Family Medicine and Walk-In Hours
Monday - Friday: Coming Soon!
Saturday: Closed
Sunday: Closed